How to Make Your Life Easier with Mr. Lid

At Mr. Lid, it’s important to us to answer the questions that may be on your mind. That’s why we start by making our products in America from all BPA-free plastic to alleviate concerns about the processes and materials used to make them.

Here are some other questions we would like to address in order to deliver the best experience when using Mr. Lid:

Can you microwave plastic?

Many of today’s plastic food containers are “Microwave Safe”, or made to withstand microwave temperatures. Mr. Lid is Microwave Safe and can be used in the microwave with the lid lifted to allow the food to vent.

How do I nest Mr. Lid stackable containers?

Stacking empty Mr. Lid containers on shelves in cupboards or pantries is a cinch. We recommended opening up the containers and stacking smaller sizes inside of larger ones, using a “nesting” approach.

How to stack containers in the refrigerator.

Once filled with food and sealed tightly, Mr. Lid containers conveniently stack inside of a refrigerator to create more space. We recommend stacking same-size containers or stacking smaller containers on top of larger ones for better organization.

How do I load Mr. Lid containers into the dishwasher?

Like nesting, it’s best to open up empty Mr. Lid containers before loading them into a dishwasher. Then, by turning them on their side, you will be able to maximize the number of containers you can easily load at one time.